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Beauty And The Beast Jr!


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Beauty and The Beast Cast List


Congratulations to the following students, who have been cast in Carmel Middle School's Production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.! There are two pages so please make sure to look at both pages for any roles you may have gotten.

All cast members are asked to come to rehearsal Wednesday 10/25/23 from 4:30 to 6 in Mr. Tucks Room E236. See you there! 

Please note that specific speaking roles in the ensemble will be announced at a later date. If you were at callbacks and your name is not on this list please come see me, I have made a mistake.


Belle: Abi Hooven                         Understudy Belle: Annabel Trznadel

Beast: Kingston Myers                 Understudy Beast: Manny Bly

Gaston: Manny Bly                       Understudy Gaston: Tizianno Gomez 

Lefou: Henry Schmidt                   Understudy Lefou: Davis Wielunski

Lumiere: Sparrow Mathis              Understudy Lumiere: Daniel Baldwin

Cogsworth: Reign McMinn            Understudy Cogsworth: Gabi Damato

Mrs. Potts: Kat Hickey                   Understudy Potts: Kairi Bauegas

Chip: Olivia Bullard

Madame De La Grande Bouche: Sofi Baker

Babette: Clara Wielunski

Maurice: Alden Marybury

Narrators: Olivia Smolias, Lucy McCurry, Izabel Hembree, Ruby Jones

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress:  Rosie Caraccilio 

Les Filles De La Ville: Kairi Bauegas, Vivi Kaplan, Gabi Damato, Alex Spicer, Nataleigh Dickenson

Monsieur D'Arque: Tiziano Gomez         Understudy Monsieur: George W.


Servants/ Villagers:

  1. Olivia Smolias

  2. Tizianno Gomez

  3. Nevaeh McCaw

  4. Terrell Cyrus

  5. Inbar Budaga 

  6. Henry Allen

  7. Abi Hooven

  8. Daniel Baldwin

  9. Reign McMinn

  10. Lucy McCurry 

  11. Emery Eckardt

  12. Rosie Caraccilio 

  13. Clara Wielunski

  14. Charlotte Adkins

  15. Davis Wielunski

  16. Kingston Myers

  17. Kairi Bauegas

  18. Nataleigh Dickenson

  19. Gabriella Damato   

  20. Olivia Bullard

  21. Henry Schmidt               

  22. Rylie Storm                        

  23. Annabel Trznadel            

  24. Sofi Baker

  25. Vivi Kaplan

  26. Izabel Hembree 

  27. Ruby Jones

  28. Kat Hickey

  29. Sparrow Mathis                 

  30. Paris Mickens  

  31. George W. 

  32. Daniel Baldwin                

  33. Manny Bly                         

  34. Alden Maybury

  • This year you can sponsor a costume for one of our students! Check out the sponsor a costume tab to find more information on how you can contribute to our show!

  • Want to be a parent volunteer for one of our fine arts events? Check out our arts boosters tab for more information. 

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