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Beauty and The Beast Jr. 

Callback list

Callbacks will be held on Thursday 10/19/23 from 4:30-6pm. Please read the whole callback list as you may have been callback for multiple roles. Please check the website to find the callback material for each character that you were called back for. Go to the audition materials tab and click on the callback central tab to find the callback materials. These items and songs will be up on the website later today 10/6/23 by 6pm. The sides and songs will be at the bottom of the page. Please use this weekend and the next week to become familiar with the songs and sides. It will make the callback process go much quicker. Please read the entire page as it has the information you will need. If you auditioned and you don't see your name on this list, please come see me because I have made a mistake.


Belle                                         Beast

Abi Hooven                         Manny Bly

Clara Wielunski              Tizianno Gomez 

Alex Spicer                        Kingston Myers       Nataleigh Dickenson

Annabel Trznadel

Sofi Baker

Kairi Bauegas

Kat Hickey 



Lumiere                                Cogsworth

Sparrow Mathis                 Reign McMinn

Paris Mickens                      George W. 

Daniel Baldwin                 Sparrow Mathis

Manny Bly                         Alden Maybury        Terrell Cyrus  


Mrs. Potts                                 Gaston

Gabriella Damato                  Manny Bly

Rylie Storm                        Kingston Myers 

Annabel Trznadel             Tizianno Gomez 

Sofi Baker

Vivi Kaplan

Izabel Hembree 

Ruby Jones

Kat Hickey


Lefou                                       Chip  

Alden Maybury                Henry Schmidt       Henry Schmidt                Davis Weilunski         Davis Weilunski               Henry Allen

                                          Olivia Bullard

                                          Inbar  Budaga


Madame De La Grande Bouche

Olivia Smolias

Lucy McCurry 

Caroline Blandford 

Emery Eckardt

Rosie Caraccilio 

Charlotte Adkins


If anyone has any questions, please reach out! I will do my best to help. This information will be posted to the website as well.


I look forward to seeing everyone on 10/19 @ 4:30 for the Callbacks!!!!!!

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